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Trans-Service-1 is a cargo transportation company founded in 2003 for movement of liquids, bulk cargoes and palletized goods with specialized tank vehicles, Tilt and tippers semi trailers. The company carries out both ukrainian and international transportations; besides that we offer multimodal transportation services using tank containers.

It all began when «Oliyar» PE, sunflower oil manufacturer, purchased several tank vehicles to meet its requirements of raw materials delivery. Eventually this auxiliary business separated and became a challenging and self-sufficient branch, and as the result «Trans-Service-1» was founded. The company’s rate of development, diversification of services and constant spread of the cargo delivery geography testify to the fact that the vehicle park has enlarged considerably and today consists of 600 units, the latest specialized tank vehicles, semitrailer trucks, and dump trucks of leading manufacturers among them.

We managed to form customer base without great advertising campaign: our tank vehicles meet all international requirements and have no restrictions in terms of using them on European roads. Our business further developed into delivery of bulk and palletized cargoes. The «Trans-Service-1» fleet consists of solutions by leading manufacturers, all of then conforming to Euro-5 and Euro-6 environmental protection standards. To obtain long-term success and satisfy the customers at the maximum we implemented a quality control system and today the quality of rendered services conforms to international standards of ISO 9001:2009.