Tank-containers (tanks) are designed to transport liquids, liquefied gases and a range of bulk goods. The tank-container is a container with capacity between 26 m³ – 35 m³ consisting of a frame (frame elements) and tank equipped with drain valves and devices for both gravity and under-pressure discharge. All tanks-containers are thermally insulated, which allows to maintain necessary temperature, and if required, it is possible to heat/cooling the product during transportation.

Goods recommended for transportation and storage in tank-containers:

Foods: alcohol-containing liquid (beer, wine, brandy, vodka), edible oils, food additives, concentrated fruit juices, mineral water, milk, etc. Industrial products: petroleum and petroleum products, oil, liquefied gases, chemicals, paint, salt solutions, acids, granular and bulk substances and others.

Tank-containers are made from high quality stainless steel, resistant to various influences. Container frame meets ISO standards, because these containers are safe for the transportation and stacking.

Tank-containers are especially useful in multimodal transportation when multiple modes of transport (car, rail and water transport) are used.

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