New replenishment of our vehicle fleet is tank semitrailer with the volume of 62 м ³ aimed for transportation of bulk cargoes.

Cargo transportation with silos kind tank trucks is perfect way of freights handling which demand specific loading and unloading conditions. Six upper hatches (diameter 45mm) are used for the loading. An unloading carries out by means of self dumping through the back hatch (diameter 800mm) or by using compressor blowing through the discharge hose.

Tank aimed for the transportation of:

  • grain and oilseeds (wheat, corn, barley, oats, pea and etc.);
  • final product (formula feed, flour, sugar, solvent cake and etc.).

Technical specifications:

Volume 62 m3
Total weight 16 000 kg
Number of sections 1
Total tank length 16,70 m
Wheelbase length 13,50 m (for scales)
Tank height 4,00 m
Height of lifted tank 12,50 m
Tank width 2,55 m
Number of hatches for loading 6
Diameter of hatch for loading 450 mm
Number of hatches for unloading 1
Diameter of hatch for unloading 800 mm
Diameter of hose for discharge 120–150 mm
Each tank is equipped with intercooler to control cargo humidity.  

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