Tent Semi-trailers

Trans-Service-1 offers cargo deliveries with own transport tent trailers and also provides freight forwarding. The process is accompanied by a constant monitoring of cargo transportation and its location. All our agents have a package of accompanying documents executed in compliance with international requirements, including SMR insurance, TIR carnet and required mobile communications. Transportation is performed by trucks of leading manufacturers of Euro 3 and Euro 5 standards. Three-axis semi: steel structure is made of high strength structural steel, 3-axis. The design allows rolling the tent and thus enables to carry out side, top and rear loading /unloading. In addition, semi-trailer without tent can be used as an open area with load board between 35 to 50 cm.


Curb weight

6.500 kg
Internal length 13.650 mm
External length 13.950 mm
External width 2.550 mm
Internal width 2.480 mm
External height 4.000 mm
Internal height 2.750 mm

Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Tent semi-trailers 55 140 158 163 171 171 171 171