Dear Partners!

Over the past 9 years, LLC "Trans - Service - 1" has become a leader at the market of transportation of liquid and dry bulk cargoes in specialized tanks and tippers, and expanded the range of transportation services by including tent semi-trailers. The company has also established an official trucks repair service. We take a great care of qualitative and efficient service delivery for our partners, and wish to improve our service given the changing needs of your business. In this respect, our company organized a survey for all of its partners (and potential customers) to receive feedback about the quality of our services, and possible expansion of our service to meet your needs.

We will be glad to see if our service meets your new requirements, and even more, to receive your comments and recommendations on how to improve our performance. Your answers will also help evaluate the effectiveness of our services in the field, their professionalism and responsibility.

LLC "Trans-Service-1" asks each willing to fill this form and express your own opinions on the quality of our performance.

Thank you for your answers!

    1. You decided to cooperate with “Trans-Service-1” because of:

    2. During the cooperation with “Trans-Service-1”, your opinion of the company:

    3. The most important for you in cooperation with “Trans-service-1” is:

    4. Did you or your employees have problems with service delivery at “Trans-Service-1”

    5. If yes, what problem do you often face?

    6. How your problems are solved?

    7. What do you like best in cooperation with “Trans-Service-1”
    8. What do you like least in cooperation with “Trans-Service-1”
    9. Evaluate the following criteria:
    10. Your suggestions and recommendations
    11. Where did you learn about our company from:

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