Silo tank trailers

tank trailers

Silo tank is an ideal way of transporting cargo that requires specific loading and unloading conditions.

For loading we use 6 top hatches with a diameter of 450 mm. Unloading is carried out by tipping through the rear hatch with a diameter of 800 mm or compressor blow through the unloading hose.


Cereals and oilseeds

Cereals and oilseeds:

  • wheat
  • corn,
  • barley,
  • oat,
  • peas, etc.


  • compound feed,
  • flour,
  • sugar,
  • meal, etc.


Volume 62 cubic meters.
Total weight with tractor 16,000 kg
Number of sections 1
Length of tank truck (full) 16.70 m
Wheelbase length 13.50 m (for scales)
Tank height 4.00 m
The height of the raised tank is 12.50 m
Tank width 2.55 m
Number of loading hatches 6
The diameter of the loading hatch is 450 mm
Number of hatches for unloading 1
Diameter of the hatch for unloading is 800 mm
Diameter of a hose for unloading is 120–150 mm
Each tank is equipped with an intercooler to control the humidity of the cargo.