Transportation by tanks semi trailers and tank containers

Transportation of goods
by tanks semi trailers
and tank containers

Our tanks are produced in Europe of special stainless steel for foods transportation. Tanks deliver liquid cargoes of different kinds: edible liquids, non-edible liquids, hazardous cargo, etc. The choice of container for transportation of liquid cargo is determined by its peculiarities. Different types of liquid cargo require special container adapted for transportation.

All tanks are thermally insulated, which allows to maintain necessary temperature, and if required, it is possible to heat/cooling the product during transportation.

Our fleet includes about 230 specialized tanks with capacity between 24 m3 – 48m3 and sections (from 1 to 6), which allows to transport products of various density.

Part of the tank fleet is equipped with systems for heating and cooling the cargo, as well as compressors that allow us to unload the goods under pressure. We provide transportation services by a crew of drivers who have the appropriate permits for the right to transport safe and dangerous goods.

Goods recommended for transportation and storage in tank-containers:



  • alcohol-containing liquid (wine, brandy, spirits),
  • oils,
  • food additives,
  • concentrated fruit juices,
  • mineral water,
  • milk, etc.

Industrial products:

  • petroleum and petroleum products,
  • oil,
  • liquefied gases,
  • chemicals,
  • paint,
  • salt solutions,
  • acids,
  • granular and bulk substances and others.


  • in accordance with GMP + standards.


  • surfactants (surfactants),
  • dispersions,
  • liquid mineral fertilizers,
  • products of organic and inorganic chemistry,
  • dangerous chemical cargoes (2, 3, 8 and 9 classes of danger).