Transportation by tipper semi trailers

semi trailers

Trans-Service-1″ carries out transportation of bulk cargoes like grain and oilseeds (sunflower, wheat, corn, barley, oats, etc.), and products of processing of grain and oilseeds, such as: meal, sunflower husks, as well as products of the woodworking industry and construction bulk materials (crushed stone, metal, sand, asphalt mixtures, etc.).

Зернові та олійні культури
Будівельні сипучііматеріали

These are specialized tippers with hydraulics, with a capacity of 45 to 70 m3. Today, our fleet includes more than 150 tiper semi trailers and 17 silo tanks – for the transportation of compound feed, flour and malt. Trailers and tractors are also actively updated with modern equipment.