Washing station

Washing station

Послуги автомийки

The modern and high-tech washing station "Trans-Service-1" is also available for third-party organizations. We perform internal and external washing of tank trucks, tank containers, tilt trucks, silos, including for cleaning drainage hoses, drain fittings and hatches. The washing process is carried out using high-pressure equipment, which will be performed by experienced and well-trained personnel. The washing station is equipped with means of protection against falling from a height.

Послуги автомийки

Thanks to pumps and high-pressure washing heads, the internal washing of tank cars is carried out with hot water of 85°C, 120 bar and simultaneous supply of steam. During washing process we use:

  • Steam at a temperature of 150°C
  • Hot water 85°С
  • Detergents
  • Air drying

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The Trans-Service-1 washing station meets the highest standards:

ISO 9001