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is a modern cargo transportation company founded in 2003 for movement of liquids, bulk cargoes and pallet loads with specialized tank vehicles, tilt and tippers semi trailers. We transport goods in Ukarine and abroad. Trans-Service-1 specializes in the transportation of goods in various industries.

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The pace of development of the company, increasing the volume of services and the constant expansion of the geography of delivery of goods contributed to the fact that the company’s fleet has grown significantly and today is more than 600 vehicles, including the latest specialized tanks, tilt semi-trailers, tippers from leading European manufacturers.

The company is also developing in the direction of delivery of bulk, pallets and other goods. Our tractors are from the leading European manufacturers (MAN, DAF), with the environmental standards of EURO-5 and EURO-6. To achieve long-term success by maximizing customer satisfaction, a management system was introduced, so that the quality of services provided meets international standards ISO 9001: 2020.


The fleet is equipped with a GPS system

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Our fleet is constantly updated with modern models of equipment from the best European manufacturers. These are, in particular, new MAN tractors of the EURO-6 eco-standard and modern semi-trailers. Constant market monitoring and studying the needs of customers in the segment of logistics services has developed in 3pl logistics department.

Trans-Service-1 works closely with both leading Ukrainian and European companies (more than 500 vehicle owners) and can provide transportation of any cargo, by all types of transport. This service is creating additional benefits for our customers.

The fleet is equipped with a GPS navigation system. Fleet tracking is carried out 24/7. The company is a member of AsMAP community, and we are carrier with the largest number of ECMT books. Carrier’s liability insurance (CMR-insurance) is issued for each transportation, so you can be completely confident in the safety of your cargo.

Each unit in our fleet is inspected and serviced at our own specialized service station (23 posts), equipped with modern equipment. We also have our own specialized sink for cleaning tank trucks (washing under high pressure, evaporation of tanks at a steam temperature of 160 ° C, treatment with special antibacterial solutions).